Rose Gyal Collection

Rose Gyal Collection

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Our Rose Gyal Contains 5 wonderful products that contain roses. Roses have anti-inflammatory properties and can help with clogged pores,redness and even eczema. 

Rose Toner: a wonderfull blend that keeps your skin feeling refreshed

Rose Clay Mask: super decadent face mask that deep cleans and help pull impurities from those clogged pores.

Nighttime Rose Serum: Extra moisturizing night time face oil serum that moisturizes and heals while you sleep.

Daytime Rose Serum: A light weight daytime serum packed with skin loving goodness.

Rose Nani oil: A super gentle oil for your lady parts. Feels amazing and smells so good. 

Ingredients: Rose Gyal collection products all contain roses, rose absolute, Rose hip oil. Items of the collection may include coconut oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, and chamomile oil.

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